Serenity and balance

Making a difference

Research in neuroscience shows that our mind is unlike all other organs in our body, it´s designed to adapt constantly! With the right tools, we can train our brain to change, all for the better! Mindfulness is helping us reduce stress and anxiety while increasing efficiency, creativity, productivity and well beeing!

Gradually more and more people are realising that the path most of us are heading down, leads to no more than stress, suffering and pain. True happiness and balance must come from within. We all have to take our lives back! Leaving behind stress and cravings, and bringing back inner peace, balance and the passion in our lives!

Living a mindful and self-compassionate life will turn into a passion that lasts a lifetime!

Our vision is alive!

Helping people do the next leap into a more serene and mindful lifestyle is hard! Hard to really make a difference, and hard to avoid ending up with empty phrases and little results! To succeed, NxtLeap has choosen to keep a high quality standard and handpick our partners based on the quality of their work and the values they represent!

Without a great amount of passion, we would have given up on this quest a long time ago. After months and months of hard work, we released our Zen Mindfulness app and we suddenly realized that we are actually making a difference! We have user in more than 110 countries, all using Zen Mindfulness as one of their daily tools for maintaining a mindful and self-compassionate lifestyle!

People are embracing our concepts, and our vision has suddenly turned into reality! The community around NxtLeap is growing rapidly and we now have visions of something far greater than we ever would have imagined!

We can´t wait to see what the future brings!


Our apps are developed with a unique focus on serenity and simplicity! We have handpicked some of the worlds most qualified teachers to provide content that stands out from the crowd.

Giving you the chance to take a leap out of your mind and into your life, creating a passion that can last a life time!

Spend your money wisely!

Our apps works well on all devices. Don´t waste your money on a new phone, use them on the people you love!

Our little gift box

We give you frequent updates with new tools to help you stay in sync with your values and dreams!

Supporting you!

Our amibition is to deliver you a fix within 24 hrs if your app stops working!

Creating a permanent change

Our guided meditations are designed to help you gain a lifestyle that is more in accordance with your inner value and dreams

Great ideas

Every day we try to create a better toolbox for you. Great ideas comes from within, from within us and within you a as user. Let us know what you want, and we will most likely included it, if it is accordance with our ambition of serenity and balance!

Be the first to know!

Our new concepts are always offered for free in the app store the first week after release! Make sure you don´t miss these opportunities, we will send you an email as soon as they are available in the store!